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What others are saying about The Marriage Miracle


Hear from a couple that has been through The Marriage Miracle: their experience and why they recommend the program to others.


Hear from a Group Leader couple: their experience
and why they recommend it to others.

Hear from "Hitched" Group Leaders (Hitched groups are for young married couples:
their experience and why they recommend it to others.

Hear from a Group Leader couple: their experience
and why they recommend it to others. 


The Marriage Miracle is assessed by anonymous surveys completed by every participant.
Results are scientific and accurate.

On a scale from 1, being the lowest and 10, being the highest—how would you rate the following? 

             Results / Collective Averages

       9   Course material
     10   Instructors knowledge of course material
       9   Impact the program had on your marriage
       9   Freedom to express yourself
     10   Your questions being answered
       9   The location and atmosphere
     10   The program was biblically based

Please circle the most appropriate answer:

Would you recommend this program to a friend? 100% = Yes 0% = No

The length of the program was… 14% = Too short 83% = Just right 3% = Too long

What did you enjoy most about the program?

  - The instructors are wonderful and I love being around them
  - The way it built precept upon precept; very effective progression.
  - The “safety” of the group.
  - The homework was very revealing.
  - The information, tips and techniques are priceless.
  - The ability to speak freely without fear of judgment.
  - Being able to use what we learned in a practical day-to-day atmosphere and seeing results.
  - To learn some of the root causes of our frustration and the freedom to express.
  - Developing friendships
  - The discussion time each week made me feel like “I’m not the only one”.
  - The questions were deep and made you look inside and really evaluate yourself.
  - It brought us both closer to God.
  - Learning my spouse’s emotional needs.
  - I loved how the weekly teaching was broken down into very practical lessons.

Other Comments

“This marriage group has truly blessed me & our marriage and I know there is hope for us!”

“Facilitators were transparent, genuine, open and hospitable.”

“Thank you. Our marriage improved greatly!”

“Blessed are we that we had “this” opportunity! I only have good things to say about this program. Thank you!”

“I have blended with all these couples and am happy to be back on track with God and our marriage. Thank you and appreciate all your advice and guidance.”

“I feel blessed to have the opportunity to participate in this program early on in my marriage (1 year in) and feel the tools & techniques have helped create a stronger foundation.”

“Thank you for taking your time to significantly improve our marriage!”

“If it were not for this program, we would not be married today.”


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