1. It doesn't cost the church anything (unless the church buys the first Group Leader's kit). Each participating couple purchases their own kit.

2. Many pastors don't do marriage counseling these days. This program fills the gap.

3. Studies indicate that couples who are counseled by their pastor often leave within the next six months because of embarrassment or the feeling that the pastor is referring to them in his messages.

4. The curriculum is solid and it empowers people to minister: the training is pushed downward through the program producing new Group Leaders and exponential growth. (We went from 1 Group Leader couple to 11 in the first year.) Unlike many programs that depend on video lessons, this program trains people to do the work. Where many programs start off big and fade away over time, The Marriage Miracle starts off small and grows over time.

5. It's an excellent discipleship/small group program. The program can be used for specific group categories such as Young Married Couples and Parents of Special Needs Children.

6. It draws people into the church from the community. Approximately 30% of the people who come to our groups do not attend our church. About half of those start coming to the church.

7. It will save marriages and strengthen families.

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