“The Marriage Miracle” book contains the lessons used in 
The Marriage Miracle program

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Truth, that’s what you’ve opened this book to find; you want information that is solid and trustworthy. You need truth because truth always works, just like two plus two always equals four. Truth will work in your marriage every time, regardless of your circumstances.

       “The Marriage Miracle” would be a facetious title for a book if it were based on a man’s theory but this book is not based on man’s theory; it’s based on the most trustworthy source of wisdom—God’s Word.

       Isaiah 55:11 says that “God’s Word will not return void;” how is that possible? Because God’s Word is truth, and truth always works. That scripture goes on to say that whatever His Word is spoken into will prosper; it prospers because the truth replaces the lie and when your decisions and actions are based on truth your circumstances begin to change. This book is filled with Biblical principles of truth that will bring new life to your marriage if you simply apply them.

       As you read these pages, you will learn techniques that when applied to your marriage, will always work. Now I know the idea of learning techniques may sound less than exciting, until you realize that you are already using them in your marriage. The problem is they are not working; you’re not getting the results that you desire. Therefore, your greatest challenge in this book will be to replace your ineffective techniques with new ones, based on principles of truth. 

       Isaiah 43:18-19 says, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not see it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” 

       If you are facing extreme challenges, that scripture might be difficult to believe, but God can do something new in your marriage.

       My wife Evie and I have been married for nearly 30 years now, but in our 13th year of marriage we hit rock bottom. It was a very, very dark time. We were two signatures away from a divorce and basically just trying to decide what would be best for our two children under the circumstances, when somebody suggested that we go to marriage counseling. I didn’t like that idea because I always considered myself to be the helper and not the helpee. Besides, I was a minister and truthfully I was pretty embarrassed to go. 

       But I decided to go for one reason only: so that after my divorce, I could look my two children in the eyes and tell them, “I tried everything to make it work with your mother… even counseling!” It was definitely the wrong reason to go, but it got me there. At our first appointment, the counselors told Evie and me that they wanted us to join a twelve-week group program with five other couples. The idea of counseling was bad enough—the thought of being in a group seemed like sheer torture! I resisted, but these counselors wouldn’t do it any other way, so we signed up for the next group. On top of the frustration of having to participate in a group, our meeting location was 45 minutes away. The last eight miles was down a washboard-like road and one week I lost my muffler! We even had to get our own child care which was very difficult for us to do because our meetings were on Sunday mornings, but we were determined to try.

       We went on to learn things in that program that we had never heard before. At the end of the twelve weeks we were not all better, but we had all of the tools that we needed to get all better. We continued to use the tools for weeks and months and I’d like to tell you that we got better quick, but it actually took us about two years to get to where we needed to be. That might seem like a long time, until you consider the fact that that was about 17 years ago. So two years now seems like a drop in the bucket and certainly worth all of the healthy years of marriage that we’ve enjoyed since then. Our children have also been able to grow up in a house with their biological mom and biological dad present.

       So, I know things may seem really tough for you. I’m sure that they are, but I want to encourage you to put your trust not in a person, not in a book, but in God’s truth, and trust God to transform your marriage just like He did mine.